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Wednesday, 14 February, 2018

Listening is the key to success (Audio Works)

Many of the people who I know wish to know more about the kind of stuff that happens while creating music. Like ... How do you create music from the scratch? ... How do you embed musical instruments in a song? ... How do you think that this chord is there at this particular place in a song? etc. etc. ... and the questions are in plenty. The answer to all of these questions is ... the right area of focus. If you concentrate and focus on the instruments that you wish to listen, you will eventually be able to listen to it amidst all the instruments being played in a group (orchestra). I would say that some part of creativity and imagination is also associated in the process. When I say this ... I take in to account anything related to music as a part of editing or creative work. Being a good listener works wonders for a superb kind of musician or sound engineer. 
Rest, the hardware, the knowledge, the software, skills, observation, experience and trained ears help to do it better. Working in this field for all these many years I am still a student yearning to strive for the best.

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